Regardless of our origin, culture or the social status there are more and more people nowadays who feel lonely. However, one of the groups that is especially exposed to loneliness and exclusion are migrants.

The project CATLID has been designed to make a meaningful contribution to inter-cultural dialogue and tackling loneliness, both of which are identified by the European Commission as important social issues to be addressed.

Our project explained in one video

Watch our new video produced from our French partner LENO that will give you an overview about our project!

What is a Community Educator?

Our new video summing up the Community Educator role!

The six partners from different European countries (UK, ES, FR, SE, PL and AT) are joining forces to train and up-skill migrants to become Community Educators who will be a resource for inter-cultural dialogue in the local communities. The aim is to provide learners with presentation skills, enhanced cultural awareness, increased confidence and communication skills. The participants will later use this knowledge to share their cultural backgrounds with local residents, businesses, NGOs and the public sector.

In addition to Inter-Cultural Dialogue workshop the outcome of the project will consist of producing a series of audio – video good practice case studies and publishing a Handbook on Techniques to Creatively Tackle Loneliness through Intercultural Dialogue, which can be used as a resource to develop new ideas and approaches to creative engagement.

We strongly believe that in the modern multicultural world dialogue is a bridge creating understanding of ourselves, of the others and of the values originating from mutual differences.